Saving Stanley The Seal…


As travelers we turn to do stuff that most people are unfamiliar with…like our kids saving a seal…

While visiting Die Stranlooper in Langerbaan (that’s the place you visit for a 10 course meal), our kids run around the shore playing and picking up stuff that has washed up the beach.

Then we realize a lot of people are gathering at a place, so we decided to go and check it out too.

When we got there, to our surprise it was our 4 kids kneeling down by the rocks  petting  and caring for this baby seal…as a mother I was scared and in shock. “what in the world are my kids doing with this seal”? Well my question was answered with lots of emotions from my 2nd daughter Aasha as she had a very teary eyes saying ” mommy the seal hurt himself when swimming and hit a rock and they think the seal is dying so she my 12yrs old decided to carry the seal to safety by the side and trying to revive the seal”….. the other kids are all talking about how we must save this seal. We had no idea what they are talking about. That was the closest I have gotten to a seal, so saving a seal was definitely not one of our visions. I am from Ghana. We don’t see seals around our beaches…LOL!!!

So our kids kept robbing on the seals head and trying to open his mouth and all sorts. So our friends that where there with as are all chiropractors. And being married to one, chiropractors are passionate about letting innate do what it knows best. So they told the kids to allow the seal to have some air and he should be fine.

So one of our friends called the animal rescue team to come and save the seal.  Yea….that was another shock to me…an animal rescue what?”  Well about 10 min later the animal rescue team showed up in their van and walked up to the seal and they put the seal in a net and tried to rescue the seal. ( some pictures below showing the saving of the seal )

With all of around the van, trying to see what was going on it got a bit overwhelming so the lady said she needs to take the seal to the clinic and try to save him there. With emotions all over the place by my kids we agreed and said goodbye to the baby seal.

My kids decides to name the baby seal Stanley. So Stanley was taking to the clinic.

Our girls called the clinic that evening and Stanley was doing fine. But Stanley died 2 days later. The rescue team said Stanley must have hit his head on the rock and he had lots of fluid

that had gone into his brain that is why he died.

So our kids gave Stanley a chance to live a few more days. Brave Kids for sure….

pictures of our Famous baby Seal Stanley

20141207_154710 20141207_154856 20141207_154936 20141207_162736


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