Visit To The Aquarium


With our travels and homeschooling our kids….having field day trips to the Aquarium is always a must.

While In Cape Town we really did a lot of field trips and the Cape Town inside Aquarium was one of our most memorable and cherished moment since our 2nd daughter Aasha is an animal lover and since she started learning how to talk she always said she will have an animal home one day when she grows up. So while in this countries we will always and almost visit an animal home.

The Aquarium day was super fun. We did the package. So at the gate where you pay to get in, they will ask if you want to do the boat ride and also get your tour for the aquarium. My advice is do that package. You will do the boat ride first which will take you far and you will get to see some dolphins if its your lucky day. super exciting for the kids. After the boat ride we return to the aquarium and began our tour. The pictures below will tell you how much fun we had on that adventure.

So if you do visit Cape Town make it a point to visit the Aquarium at the Water front.

20141210_144050 20141210_141347 20141210_141652 20141210_143013 20141210_143744


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