Day Date with My Son


Today was such a wonderful day. I took Mj out with me while I went to the Thai embassy to drop off our visa application. fingers crossed!!!

It was went very well. All documents in ok and our visa will be ready for pick up on Friday at 11:30am. So if you present all the documents needed for your visa it’s really a very smooth procedure and friendly staff.

After Mj and I decided to go out for an early lunch. So we went to the junction mall and ate at big square…..they had this tasty sticky chicken wings. It was so so delicious and we total enjoyed it. finger licking wings.

Mj (5yr old son) said it was tasty and he was licking his fingers until he consumed all the wings and fries.

In our family throughout the week we have daddy’s day out and also mommy’s day out. So we rotate. I will take each kid out and we talk about life and whats going on in their life and how we can be better parents and all that stuff.

When you have 1 kid the attention is easy to give, but when you have 5 kids scheduling dates is always the best way to really hear how each kid is doing and also provide your full attention to each kid. And our kids absolutely love that idea and always looks forward to our dates out. So if you have more than 1 kid then try this out you will bond well with each kid on different levels.

So it was definetly a fullfilling day

Pictures below of my son digging into some wings and chips…

mj 2 mj



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A Black Young Family Travelling around the world for 5yrs with 4 of their young kids. Father is a Chiropractor and mother homeschools their kids while on the road. They have done Southern Africa, Western Africa, East heading to Asia...And on and on...

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