Visit to Charly’s Bakery


If you have met me before then you will definately know that I am a foodnet work addict….I love cooking and all about food experiement.

When I I was in Ghana my home town. In our house we did not watch Tv purposely for a great reason. With all our kids we did not want anyone influencing them through the means of TV. Until I found out from my friend Kari who told me that there is Foodnet work on DSTV…..I was so excited so the next week I spent my time convincing my husband why we should get a DSTV. I even came up with the idea that if I have the DSTV and able to watch FoodNet Work then I can cook him a lot more tasty meals. So he finally agreed and We go DSTV.

With My DSTV on and Foodnet work channel up I was in haven most of my days… was exactly what I wanted and was just so grateful for it.

So I got into some programs that I loved watching and one of them was Charly’s Bakery….with 3 ladies in action baking and creating cakes that is out of this world. I related with that show because I had my 3 old girls at that time and thought since they love to cook maybe they can start a charly’s angels restaurant. So we all love this show and watched it all the time.

I had no idea it was in Cape Town until I was researching online things to do in Cape Town and there it was Charly’s bakery in Cape Town…..oh, I knew I will have to visit and We did.

It was not what I expected with the decor of the place But it was packed with people trying to get a taste of their bakery.

So if you do visit Cape Town, do make it a point to visit Charly’s Bakery. Its very easy to find and make sure to taste their double chocolate brownie….

Pictures Below

chalerys 2 chalerys 6 charleys 3 charleys 5 charleys


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