Family Visit to the Chiropractors Office


“Nature Needs No Help, Just No Interference”

While Travelling Marcus ( who is a very passionate Chiropractor himself ) knows the benefits of getting our spines checked and subluxation free.

So while we where in Cape Town we made it a point to go and visit our favorite Chiropractor. Dr. Greg Venning at Peak Chiropractic in Claremont.

We will take the train 3 times a week to go and get checked. It was one of our favorite things to do, train ride and then getting our adjustment in.

We are so grateful for Dr. Greg and his team for all our adjustments while in Cape Town.

In the pictures below you will see us filling out our forms to get started. Also you will see Dr. Greg giving us a few minutes of his time to take a photo with us.

The process of filling out the forms for our family was an adventure on its own since we are a family of 6. But we got all the kids to fill out their forms by themselves and they did very well.

If you do visit Cape Town and you need a super-duper Chiropractor then just call Peak Chiropractic and Dr. Greg will be happy to get you aligned.


My son had to find a way to make our visit to the Chiropractors office more memorable….

Mj getting some help from his father while Dr. Greg checks his Posture

chiro 1 chiro 2 chiro 3


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