Finally A HighTea Experience


So I clearly remember when our friends in Cape Town mentioned to me that we are going to a HighTea lunch….I was not sure what It meant and so I asked them what is HighTea? I know what Tea is, because in Ghana my home country mostly tea is our breakfast not lunch…LOL!!!

So they explained to me that it’s actually a menu filled with sweets like scones and muffins and small tiny salmon sandwiches and you get to drink Tea with it.

So I said well why not. You will think with Cape Town being so Hot at that time slush should be the drink we would be having but hey am rolling with people who knows what is happening.

So I got picked up by our friends (Joey and Maria) and we drove around the beaches of Seapoint and straight to a place called The 12 Apostles. It was definitely a beautiful place set up on the top, so you can have an amazing view of the blue waters and the shoreline….It was really lovely.

We got there and was served with all the treats you can imagine….on a 3 tier server( I hope that’s what they call it), they  served us with some tea that we get to choose from. Lots of varieties.

But I had to have another type of Drink to take it to the next level…It’s High Tea moment and I have to make the best of it.

Am told in the British community having a High Tea is a very normal daily activity. So I can now comfortably say I have experience the British style of living…right here in Southern part of Africa.

I had such an amazing time with Long life friends and will always cherish that HighTea moment.

Thanks you my amazing friends…

Pictures below

high tea friends high tea 2 high tea 3 high tea 5 high tea 7 high tea 12 apostles high tea frnds

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