Ferris Wheel Ride….Up high, Not My Thing


While in Cape Town we spent most of our days at the waterfront mall. It was very close to our apartment, so we mostly walked there for the day. There is so much to see and do at the waterfront.

And one of them is the Ferris Wheel ride. My kids are ok with heights but I am not the most fun person when I am not on the ground…LOL!!! I think after our Cape Town trip my family is aware now and understands. Will tell you more of my up high experiences in my other blogs so stay tuned.

So We got on the Ferris Wheel and My kids are all super happy and just enjoying being wayyyyy up in the sky…I had to act brave but Lord knows I was about to pass out….LOL!!

pictures below show how Aasha my 2nd daughter was acting scared just to make mommy feel better knowing that am not alone in this…LOL!!

ferries 1 ferries 2 ferries 3 ferries 4 ferries 5


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