Christmas Cape Town Style


With great families we had such a wonderful christmas in Cape Town. We spent the whole day at Dr. Greg’s parents house.

Dr. Greg’s parents live in Fishhook. So we got on the train and its about an hour train ride to Fishhook. When we arrived at The train station Greg’s father and Alley, Greg’s wife picked us up at the train station.

They live about 5min away from the train station. It was very nice of them to invite us to their home on this special christmas day.

The kids got to put up a christmas tree at their home. Julie was so sweet to have arranged a cute tree so that the kids can have that feel of  putting up the Christmas tree tradition going ( In Ghana we will usually put up this 7ft tall tree and decorate the whole house) so this really was special for our family and Julie made that happen for our kids while on the road. Thanks Julie.

We got to sit around and share gifts and laughs after we had a very tasty meal…We are so grateful for Dr. Greg’s family for cooking all this food and also making our christmas in a new country very special.

We spent the whole day at their home. In the Evening they dropped us off at the train station and we headed back into town and went to The Waterfront to have our christmas dinner there.

We had dinner at ocean basket that night. It was super packed with people waiting to get seated but I wanted to eat sushi so we tried to wait until we get a seat and finally we got a seat. So over all we had a very wonderful day as the pictures below will tell it all.

christmas5 christams 7 christmas 2 christmas 8 christmas 3 christmas 4 christmas christmas 9


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