Pushing a Grocery Cart Up the Hill


If you know our family you must be aware that we don’t do the ordinary and expected things in life. We do the exact opposite of what is expected from people….LOL!!!!

So When we arrived in Capetown, It was super fun like any other family traveling or taking a vacation. We walked down the hill from our apartment in Greenpoint.

It was a very nice walk. We went to do a little grocery shopping at Woolworth which was the closest to our apartment. When walking down the hill it’s so easy about 5min walk. But when climbing up the hill….boy…it can take you about 30min just coming up the hill and with grocery it can take you about 45min…and with kids that’s like an hour…LOL!!!

So after we got our grocery which included gallons of water, climbing up the hill is not that exciting for our family. So my husband has a light bulb go off….ting ting….he said why don’t we put all of stuff in the cart and push it up the hill to our house. Now my first thought was who will bring the cart back to the grocery store?….thinking cap up right now….

We decided since we live close by bringing the cart back down the hill will actually be a fun experience. So taking it up can be challenging and so not what the ordinary family will do, we just went for it. We noticed people where looking at us wondering what in the world are they doing.

It was a tough pushing moment in my life….But we had so much fun doing it has a family and watching everyone put their driving skills in the place.

We did make it up the hill and we did return the cart 24hours later after we all catch our breath.

Super fun and super different that is the Manns clan in action.

Pictures below will give you a glimpse of what went on that day….

cart2cart 1


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