This is how we Breakfast and Lunch


One of the best things in Cape Town was the options when it comes to food….and healthy foods at that.

When we pack our lunch while in Cape Town you will actually think we are going to feed  all the people in our apartment…LOL!!

I love to cook and my family loves to eat what  I cook most of the time….

Below you will see some pictures of us having a lovely breakfast with some basic options. And also you will see how we pack our sandwich while on the move. I had to label each sandwich with each of the kids names because they all seem to want something different….Like my 3rd daughter does not like onions, My first daughter loves spicy foods and my 2nd daughter loves to eat all and any veggies you can find and my son just loves to eat brown bread and the sandwich meat. And my oldest son ( hubby) don’t like mayo and I love mayo….Now that is how you describe my family when it comes to eating.

So making a sandwich without putting names on them    will be like starting world war 4….LOL !!!

Also in some of the pictures below, I went all out to create an environment that will make our dinner time more special.

Family Rocks ….

dinner7dinner5dinner3dinner2DINNERbreakfastbreakfast2LUNCH2LUNCH 1


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