Meat Market In Nairobi


So some of the things we do while visiting each country is  to find the local markets and also to dive into that particular culture while in each country, we do this by finding our where the locals shop.

When we arrived in Nairobi we had to find the place as soon as possible since grocery stores in Nairobi are very pricy.

So my first local market was Kawangari and I took a border border there to shop for my groceries( fruits and veggies).

After I finished shopping at Kawangari, I loaded all my food stuff on to the bike again and return home. It was an experience I will never forget in my life.

Now  in my family we eat so much chicken…we even eat Chicken and eggs for breakfast…you will think we should just invent a portable  chicken coop so we can start raising our own chicken and the eggs while on the go…..LOL!!!

So our friend  Kawira who is from Kenya told me that she will take me to a place I will really love to shop. And that was the City market and it’s basically a place that sells all the meats you can think of.

So one saturday morning she picked me up early and we went. It was a sight I have not seen before, all the chicken fillet and fish fillet  right there in front of me. And the price is right.

On that trip I bought lots of whole chicken, chicken breast and fish fillet at a very great price.

So if you are staying in Nairobi or visiting and you want to stock up your freezer with some fresh meat then the place to visit will be the City Market.

Oh and it’s a 24hour market…..So you can go anytime for shop for your meats…what a way to shop.

Some pictures below will complete the story


The sellers are ready for the buyers


You pick the one you like and they weigh it for you


And the fillet fish is ready for buyers


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