My First Border Border Ride Nairobi style


This is super exciting for me.

When we arrived in Nairobi quickly we realize that most Kenyans ride border border ( which is a motor bike rider) because of the ridiculous traffic here in Nairobi. So with travelling comes adventures, We started riding border border and my first ride was to lavington Green mall which is about 3min bike ride.

Now if I take a cab, it will cost me Ksh 300 and I might be stuck in traffic which will not take me 20min.

If I ride the border border it will cost me Ksh 100 and will guarantee that it will only take me 3min. So now you see why I have to try this experience.

It was super fun. Our kids nanny was super excited to also be taking this ride.

So there you go….The travelling adventures never ends

boarder 1 border 3


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