Travel and Homeschool all in ONE


One the fun ways of our travelling is being able to not only teach our kids different cultures and way of life but also homeschooling them while travelling around the world.

We are still using our curriculum Abeka Academy and all is going very well.

Here is a picture of our family at the dinning table finishing up their school work before we start other activities for the day.

Our kids are up by 6am. They do their calisternics which includes pushups, squats, situps and dips.

After that they have their breakfast at 7am

And then start homeschooling at 7:30am and by 10:30am homeschool is done and time for Chess lesson and all other fun and outdoor activities.

So by 10:30am we are ready to explore each country to the fullest.

Picture of the kids finishing up school work\



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