First Date Night In Bangkok


Date nights are always super fun because I get to dress up by my girls most of the time…LO!!!

And from the moment our date night starts Marcus and I just focus on each other. Nothing else matters.  Just great laughs and remembering all the years we have spent together. The good times and not so exciting times.

We usually start the date off with him asking me what shirt he should wear today? Then the next question is usually where and what would I like to do.

Well in Bangkok that question really is hard to answer because there is so much to do just on the streets of Bangkok.

So last night on our date night we decided to do something we have never done before that is both getting a Thai massage in Bangkok in the same room….So we asked our landlord Taka to recommend a place for us.

He told us to go to Thong lor road on Sukhumvit 55. We live on Sukhumvit 59  so it really a walking distance from our apartment and with so much to see while walking there is no need taking a taxi.

But then it started raining really hard. But we got to the place before the rain started pouring down.

So in Bangkok when you go in to get a massage they have a seated area and you sit there while they wash your feet with soap and water. pretty interesting.

After they took us to the massage room which only had curtains and a foam on the floor. The Thai massage is done without the oils. ( at least the one we did and most of the Thai massage places)

A 60min Thai massage cost us $6 each. Now tell me why anyone will go for years before getting a Thai massage. The price is just right.

After we walked around Thonglor to soi 13 to have some dinner and we found a place that had great food on soi 13. We had sushi which I have now come to really love to eat.

below is our dessert which was really good too. it’s a honey toasted huge bread filled with ice cream, bananas and some whip cream. when it arrived at our table we had a jaw dropping moment because the bread was so big. In Ghana we call that bread Butter bread.


After dinner we decided to go to the movies. So we took a taxi and went to the movies close to our apartment. Believe me they had movies that will start showing at 11pm….What!!! that’s what I said.

While in the movie theater watching the thrillers of other new movies coming up. We had a pause and everyone in the movie theater had to stand up and pay respect to the King of Bangkok….it was weird but I wish we did that in our country. While we are standing and they are playing some music in Thai language. They had pictures of the King helping people on the screen. It’s really a cool experience. And I must say Thai people are very proud of their country and their King.

So we got to watch Mad Max which I find it a very weird movie to watch. But I enjoyed it and movie was done at 1am. So we then got into a taxi  and went home.

So Date night to remember….Bangkok rock.


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