Visit to the Mauy Thai fight gym


Today we visited lots of Mauy Thai gym. Which is suppose to be one of the fights we must learn while here in bangkok.

We visited one by a famous instructor Master Toddy.
He trains lots of Hollywood guys. One of his student is David (screen name Tommy) in power rangers. Now when you have a 5yr old boy and you mention anything about power rangers they go wild. So my son was so excited and ready to start the fight….LOL!!

So Master Toddy gave our 5yr old Mj a gift that he probably will cherish forever it’s a autograph of David in power ranger picture. Mj was so excited.
Pictures below will show how he held the picture while walking the streets of bangkok just smiling.





After we visited another Mauy Thai gym and here are some few pictures.



After our visits to the Mauy Thai gyms we decided to visit the emporium mall….well it’s really the mall for people who love designer clothing and shoes and bags….a lot of bling  bling….LOL!!!


Our day in bangkok keeps getting exciting.

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