Kidz get to be Adults in KIDZANIA


If you come to Bangkok with your young kids..make it a point to take them to Kidzania at Siam Paragon on the 5th floor..It’s so worth it.

It’s a city just for our young kids to be like adults….you know apply for a job, wait to be hired, work and get paid. take your cheque to the bank and cash and then decide to spend your earnings or save it for your next trip to Kidzania…

The place was so alive and looks like the streets of bangkok…The skies looks real and the work places was really made for the eyes to believe its real.

My kids light up and was jumping all over the place. Now if you go over the weekdays at 12:30pm you get a 30% discount so keep that in mind. Weekends are more expensive. Super cool place made just for kids.

some pictures below


And he is a Vetinerian…


She tried all the jobs…construction worker


She loved this one…flight attendant…


Such a pleasant Filight attendant


Ready to save a burning hotel…my fire fighter


She loved this…a Surgeon


Ok what should I do with the heart…? LOL


I have to save this soul…


Still dropping off parcels….


Ready to build the future highrises…construction worker


I am ready to take you to your destination safely…


I am enjoying this job…


Ok time to get this big bird up in the sky….I actually love my job…and I am getting paid…yeyy

She is ready to drop off some mails....

She is ready to drop off some mails….

Time to serve my first class passengers..

Time to serve my first class passengers..

That was her first job when we arrived. A Vet...

That was her first job when we arrived. A Vet…

I love my new job...a VET

I love my new job…a VET

Bangkok Exploration continues


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