THAI cooking Lesson


Today was probably one of my memorable days in Bangkok…

Well a week before I was on the train with my kids. And Mj my 5 yr old who just loves to talk to everyone he sees. There was a lady seating next us and my son started showing her the map and just chatting with her.

So as a natural way of things I also started making conversations with her. The cut the story shorter than short. We ended up spending the whole day with her. A very lovely lady from Israel who is visiting Bangkok with her husband and they are here for 10days.

So after the day we decided to organise dinner so our husbands can meet.

So after all the meeting Shira my new life long friend from Israel and I decided to take the Thai cooking class.

Oh this lady was super cool. The teacher, she basically took us to the Market and we shopped and asked all our questions about thai food and spices.

I can now make Thai Papaya salad and also make another dish that Shira and I actually added a little twist to it and call it fish around the world. We also cooked shrimp in red curry paste. Yummy and really truly a fun filled day for the two of us.

Here are some pictures of our teacher and her name is May she has a Facebook page called Thai cooking school. Check her out if you are in Bangkok. It makes me now appreciate Thai food even more.


At the market shopping for our groceries..


Now this was awful to look at…


I loved this stand…fresh fish and fillet for you


Turtle…Thai people buy baby turtle and they let it loose in the river it’s a believe that it’s for good luck. So this is for sale but not for eating.


Ok those…I almost threw up…gutted frogs…


Lots of veggie options


And that’s their sweets…Lots of colors


Grilled banana…


Me and my new life long friend


It was not easy pounding this stuff…making fresh red curry paste. And we are told in the olden days in Bangkok a man choose his wife with this activity….how much noise she can make when pounding the paste with the stone morta….I probably will still be single based on that…because my arm was tired after a few pounds. LOL! !


And our curry is on the fire


That’s our around the world fish prep


Time to trying our around the world fish dish…yummy


And we are all done and happy with our teacher…we have our foods in our bag to take home and share with our family…great day teacher.


Friends all around the Globe…

Bangkok exploration  continues. ….

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