Bugs don’t have a fighting chance


Well in some parts of the world…bugs don’t get to have the luxury of living life fully…

They get fried and consumed by 2 legged creatures (I mean humans) …lol!!!

All of Bangkok streets, you will be wowed  with a trolley filled with bugs from cockroach, to worms and to many I really don’t want to mention…let the pictures do justice for it self…


Scopion kebab….yuk…


Yeap it’s what you are seeing….


Now this one…I almost throw up…sorry buy am from Ghana worms are not our buddies like that…LOL!!




Ready to be eaten


OMG…. that’s not my take at all…


Dinner is served…

So in other to take the pictures you have to pay 10 baht which is about 30 cents….
It was worth it.
Now if you buy some then you keep your
10 baht and get picture…

Bangkok exploration continues

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