Cocktail in a Bucket Date Night


Bangkok does not seize to amaze me.

On our date night today Marcus and I went to the movies to watch survivor….a great action movie…


Selfie at the movies in siam

After to went to KO San which is basically a street that is filled with people and stuff to eat and drink and live music…very interesting  I did not see 1 black person seem like black people don’t travel…… the place was packed with white foreigners and of course the Thai people…you can literally be here all night and not know what time it is.

So I asked Marcus to get me a cocktail…I was expecting a glass of drink and he brought me what am about to show you….just wait…


A bucket of drink….this people go wild or go home to sleep kind of street…


And it’s buy this huge bucket of cocktail and get one free….wow!!!!


Just packed with people…

Bangkok exploration continues

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