Phillippines here we come


So yesterday I went to the Phillippines embassy here in Bangkok to apply for our phillippines visa.

Now with American and Ghanaian Passport you can enter phillippines without a visa for up to 29 days stay. But since we will be staying for 59days and I did not want to deal with filling our visa forms at the airport and also with language barrier I decided to go on and apply for our whole stay visa while here in Bangkok.

Also when you decide to extend at the airport  it’s $50 but if you apply before entry at least from Bangkok it’s $30… so there you go…I got to save some cash.

Now I have applied for visa’s in a lot of embassies and I tell you what the requirement for the phillippines visa was nothing that you can’t provide…I mean ticket and 1 passport photo and copy of passport picture page.

And I submitted it at 10am which took me about 20min.

My visa was ready for pick up at 2pm the next day….super fast and efficient embassy.

So we are all set for phillippines. Will be staying in Manila around Makati. We are all excited.


12 more days and counting before we head out of Bangkok…

Phillippines I hope you are ready for the Manns clan….

As of now

Bangkok exploration continues…

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