Mauy Thai Family


Today was awesome, my 5yr old has built up excitement ready to do boxing….to him it’s like batman fighting the bad guys….LOL!!!

So today as a family on a journey around earth we started our Mauy Thai and it was different and very hard… ( Mauy thai is basically like boxing but in this case you add your legs to the fight).

So for an hour and 30min  we where just boxing and learning to fight and defend. Pretty cool.

As a mother I was very happy to see my slef being able to do this activity with my kids.

What I personally loved about Mauy Thai is the fact that I can beat up the teacher and he will not beat me back….great way to let out your aggression…LOL!!!

Some great pictures of us getting ready to start our first class.

And the kids loved it so much they are actually looking forward to our next lesson on monday.




Here we are just having fun beating each other up…

Think twice before you mess with any of the Manns Girls. …and definitely the Manns batman….

Bangkok exploration continues. …..

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