Farewell Bangkok and Hello Phillippines


And as the countdown comes alive…we are all packed up and ready for our next country on this 5yr journey…

Here are some activities we did today as we bid goodbye to bangkok the land of day life and super awesome night life.


We say goodbye to Bangkok the Antman way…


Just another selfie day


A little extra silliness will help the departure moments…


And back at the same place it all started…2 months ago when we arrived in Bangkok that very evening we had dinner here by the street near our apartment. And today out last night before we exit bangkok we decided to spend a memorable moment with our favourite food joint. Mj our 5yr  boy is now comfortable and sat in a chair right in front of the joint.

I am so sure a lot of the Thai people around our apart will be wondering who happened to those unique looking family….well it was fun…

Our flight departs at 12 noon tomorrow sunday…

Bangkok exploration comes to an end.
We are grateful for one of most magnificent exploration in one country.

Phillippines time to experience the Manns family

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