Lots of options for travelling in Phillippines


So today we decided to venture out of our comfort zone of staying around our condo in Makati.

We went to Manila. And it’s pretty much like any central place in a country.

We first walked to the Malaysian Embassy to enquire about me getting a visa for our next country Malaysia.

It was pretty easy and simple and about 12min walk to the embassy from our condo.

So I  got the copy of what is required to get my visa and the visa fee is $6.60 ( that is the cheapest visa I have ever processed).

After, we ended up in Manila and marcus got his first hair cut in phillippines and I also got my hair washed and blow dry and flat iron. We both got a manicure and I also got a pedicure. Marcus also got his first shave in a barbershop. And all that total cost was $32……what!!!! And wow!!! That’s what I said….and that price includes a major tip. Am loving phillippines already…..


Marcus getting a clean shave…not sure what the towel suppose to do…but he loved it.


Time to get shaving….


My first super bright nails….new country, new colors…


Got my hair washed pretty good and blow dry and flat iron…


Our means of transportation…it’s a motor bike on the side…Marcus and MJ on it and the driver….so cool…this small thing can carry all 6 of us…


Am enjoying this city


We think we cool like that….we all about the Base no trouble…


Trying to get a taxi from Manila back to Makati was not easy since the traffic is horrible after work hours…

Over all great adventure today….

Will be riding the Jeepney with the family soon….you wondering what that is? Well then keep an eye on our travel blog.

Phillippines exploration continues. …

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