What I enjoy most in our travels


Lots people I meet ask me 2 questions….

1. How do you all do this, Travelling with kids and education on the road…?

2. And what do you enjoy most on this travels?

Well the first one I will not go into it. But the second answer is what I want to share.

What I enjoy most about all our travels is when we first arrive and I go for that huge grocery shopping….lol!!!

Yes for my friends and love ones who knows me, I have an addiction for grocery shopping and cooking. And since with most of our travels I don’t get to have all the things I need to cook and explore my cooking skills….I have to now enjoy my next addiction of buying groceries.

Now while in capetown I loved shopping at the grocery stores.

In Nairobi I was so disappointed since they really had nothing in the grocery stores and if they had something I want, it’s way too expensive for my liking….so nairobi was not that exciting.

Then we hit Bangkok and the grocery store was huge, Large and just what I love to see….so many fruits and vegetables to choose and all you can think of.  Bangkok was awesome. My husband even enjoyed grocery shopping with me in bangkok at the farmers market….all the things you can taste while walking through the grocery store. So bangkok gets 2 thumbs up.

Now in phillippines am loving the SM supermarket. It’s a chefs dream grocery store. So many options from fresh seafoods and all you can think of under one roof.

Also I absolutely love night street food market that starts from 4pm till 3am and sometimes 6am.

Really am on a grocery shopping spree….

Some pictures of SM SUPERMARKET in phillippines.


Check out all the fresh fish…


Shrimps of all sizes….


Now this one was a shocker to me…they had about 15 different types of rice. And each one has some form of explanation and top favourite by most people….

Phillippines exploration continues. …

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