Father and daughter on Datenight


With so many kids we had to balance the family dynamics. So hubby and I decided to create daddy dates…this is usually done once a month per kid.

So on daddy dates Marcus will take whoever is in line ( from oldest to youngest )and  that child gets dressed up and ready for a date with their daddy alone.

Our son get boys day out with daddy and he absolutely loves that so much,  it has become a great motivating factor for some homeschool work.

Well so today was Aasha’s date night (Aasha is our 12yr old girl).

Here are some fun memories she and her daddy created today….



They look so much alike….


Not sure what this two are up to…


Ok not sure what she is afraid of….maybe she will tell me when they get home.





I think she is going to get her voice heard….sing on baby girl….


I love you two…


My little girl is growing….

Phillippines exploration continues. ….

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