Some sweets on the streets


Today was our first street food sweets from Manila…

Well one thing for sure they know how to make a banana taste heavenly and they prepare them in so many ways it’s unbelievable….lol!!!!

Here are some pictures of our first street sweets…


Now this one here was my favourite…crunchy on the outside and soft sweet fresh banana on the inside and some caramelised something around it….mmmhhhhh!!!! That I can eat at least 5 pieces at once…lol!!!


With passion the guy takes this fat banana and dip into some mixture and drops it in the hot oil then it comes out brown and he puts a kebab stick through and wahla….it’s ready for people like me to taste….lol!! It’s it cost 10 cents. …..


Just more options…


We did the healthy sweets too…watermelons here are to die for….juicy and sweet…now pineapple…Nothing beats Ghana with our pineapples…


Time to satisfy our sweet tooth…

Phillippines exploration continues. …

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