Malaysia History rounds today


Today we decided to get out and explore the story behind malaysia…wish I could share all that I learned on here. But we will only do some photos and also if I can remember what I was told I will add that.

We started the journey back at the ministry of tourism of malaysia. They have a 5 min walk through mesuem.

At this place we get to see the rainforest of some parts of malaysia. Also got to find out there are 2 malaysia’s (they are both called malaysia but when you ask the locals they say the other malaysia.) And that malaysia has its own laws and immigration system. Not sure what caused the division.
At that mesuem we saw the old clothing and how they live. Which is pretty much like most humans….we are all ONE…

After we went to the Galeri of Kuala Lumpur and we took what they call Tram ( I hope I got the spelling and name correct)…

That tour around the city cost us $0.50 per person and it’s for 1 hour.

We drove to the monument where they have the soldier statue…pretty huge.


Great to have this moments with the soul you truly want to be with…



My camera man was just awesome


We are family


This thing is huge…


Walking through history…


In our ride time to take our tour


This fountain is been here before malaysia gained independence…that mean way before Saturday August 31st 1957…


All the prime ministers and the current one on the right…his name is Datuk Series Najib Tun Razak….


A beautiful day to tour…


He is one cool husband and father


Beautiful buildings in malaysia


Some of the items used in the old days


Family all the way


Great way to tour the city through the ministry of tourism

Overall Malaysia is becoming one of our top countries….just have to get the Haze out of our way…

Malaysia EXPLORATION continues. ..


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