Little Artists Travelling The Universe


So my kids lately have been drawing and with smiles on their faces they will complete a drawing then go right back into drawing another one. Not sure why this type of drawing but I am starting to believe with our travels it has sparked that kind of artistic side of them.

Without looking on anything they all seem to be drawing the same kind of pictures.

For the past year we have travel through some great countries and have made great friends.

So of the countries we visited are

South africa – cape Town and Joburg
Kenya -Nairobi and mombasa
Bangkok- Thailand
Phillippines – makati and Manila
Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur

I think their inspiration comes from this different places…Remember we are all ONE



Aasha my 12yr old work


Aasha’s work


More of Aasha’s work


IMAHKUS my 10yr old work


Destiny my 14yrs old work


Aasha’s work called it “the eye”


This is from our new Malaysia friend Sara got inspired by our girls to draw something like theirs…pretty awesome


Aasha’ work


Destiny’ work

So proud of them all

Malaysia EXPLORATION continues. ..


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