Our Large Family


So I am sure a lot of our love ones and readers are wondering why I have not blogged lately….well…we are still enjoying the country side in Bassett Virginia.

We will be here in Virginia for the next 3 months before we make our way to Brazil for the 2nd year of our 5yrs travels.

While in Virginia we started our homeschool year… it’s not easy but the fruits of homeschooling our kids is worth it all.

We have 2 9th graders, 1 6th grader, 1 3rd grader ( but she is in school ) and 1 kindergarten boy.

I am sure you are wondering how we keep saying we have 5 kids but we homeschool 4 kids and 1 is in school, and also we traveling with 4 kids instead of 5kids.
Well our 8 yr old Karama (whose picture is below) has a genetic disorder (she is allergic to lots of things) so we have decided has her parents to allow her stay in an environment that she can be cared for by her doctors if and when the need arise. Karama stays with Marcus parents here in Virginia and she is the princess of this country side as she is loved to the max and gets her way all the time….lol!!!


That’s me and our 4th girl Karama she was all ready to go and watch sesame street show…

So with all our travels we have missed Karama in our pictures and adventures. But she is also having her own adventures here in the country and she is loving it all.

We hope that in the future she will be able to join us in one of the countries.

Now when our family arrive in Bassett we love to make sure we create memories for every family member we meet. And this time around we decided to take Marcus parents to the movies….yeap…Marcus Father has not been to the movies since the last time I took him which was about 8yrs ago. And marcus mom has not since last year when I went with her.

So we set out on a night adventure of movie night. We went to watch spectre….not my favorite movie but it’s the energy of the whole family out at night is what makes it super fun.


All set and ready to go out for the movie night

Our family is so large we turn to fill up the whole seats at the movies…lol!!


Two thumbs up…you know who the camera man was….it was marcus…

So being in the country has its pros and cons….the pros are Marcus got to teach the girls how to drive….yeyyy…our oldest who is 14yrs old started her driving lesson last week and she is enjoying every bit of it. While mj our 6yr old also learn how to drive the go-kart.


Destiny learning to drive….


Even though she has gotten bigger for me to carry her…she still loves to lay on me and just have a mommy cuddle time…


My life is filled with so much cuddles and lots of tickles….


Travelling means not being able to have a stable workout program at a particular gym…so while in Virginia. Our whole family joined the Y and I am loving all the programs they offer. One of the classes I love is call HIT (High intensity training). So staying fit if important for our family and marcus and I are the examples for our kids.


Hard work pays off….confidence is my price


This one was hard but I needed to keep it up…and it felt right after…what’s your excuse? My is I want to be able to hang out with my fast growing teenagers….


It’s really exciting when you get to have such a beautiful and loving mother in law that you two get to workout together and stay fit together. We are at a Zumba class….she got her weights and ready to get fit.


Me and my awesome mother in law and my beautiful and smart niece….I adore this two souls to the max.


This might be the last lift….lol!! Our princess is getting too tall…


We are one proud parents seeing our tow older girls bond to the max….sisters for life.


It’s all dry leaves in our backyard….


I feel amazingly awesome….at 36yrs old and still living it up for all my love one and friends.

Our daughters are becoming little inspired artist…


Aasha our 12 yrs old new way of seeing a pencil and a blank paper is to draw a one eye lady….very talented…

Ok so now you are in the loop of how the Manns clan are doing…we are enjoying the country life.

Stay tuned as 2016 will be all about south America and carnivals…..

Country side exploration continues…..


About manns7worldtour

A Black Young Family Travelling around the world for 5yrs with 4 of their young kids. Father is a Chiropractor and mother homeschools their kids while on the road. They have done Southern Africa, Western Africa, East Africa....now heading to Asia...And on and on...

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