2016 Gymnastics Qualifier in Rio


Today my kids and I went to spend our day watching the magnificence of human beings.

We went to the Olympics arena to watch the women artistic Gymnastics Olympics qualifying series for Rio 2016.

We had such an amazing time. Here are a few tips

We took uber and from ipanema to the location where most of the events will happen at is about 50min drive without any traffic.  And with uber it cost us only $13…Super cheap right.

If I was to take a normal taxi it would cost me about $40 this is because the drivers already start with a $4 base fare when I put my butt in the car…the ride has not even moved.

Well we could have taken the train…. but with my large family 4kids and me it’s actually cheaper to take the uber than the train. And I did not see any completed train stations around there. I did see buses but they will cost me more than uber also. So I say if you have a large crew about 4 persons just use uber.

Now am pretty sure during the actual events uber will double it’s fare because of scarcity but trust me it will still be cheaper than the taxi drivers since the drivers also slow down and try to catch every red light just to make more money off yoy.  But with uber they follow a route and it’s safe and very nice drivers.

Hope my tip will help anyone coming in August.

So best to stay either around Maracana stadium or Barra de Tijuca. And don’t let me even start talking about apartments during august. This people here are charging your life for a 7days stay….one guy said he wants $5,000 usd for a 2 bedroom apartment that looks disgusting….I laughed so hard. I and my kids will join the crew under the bridge and enjoy nature than to give my $5,000 to some greedy person who thinks he needs to build his life in 1 week. Lol!!!

Well be mindful when renting…these places are shabby and the prices they asking is not making any logical and economical sense. 

Now here are a few photos of me and my kids enjoying the beautiful Olympics Arena


That’s the building at night


Yeap he was there


Germany crew ready to get on the balance beam


Empty enough for us to soak it all in


Time for them to show us what they got


Yeap after walking through the hot sun to get there…


This is the snack you would want to have Acai ice cream with granola sprinkle…Super addictive so watch out.


She was amazing from Korea


A wonderful experience

So they had

So friday we will go and watch the finals at 11am.

Brazil Exploration Continues. …..


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A Black Young Family Travelling around the world for 5yrs with 4 of their young kids. Father is a Chiropractor and mother homeschools their kids while on the road. They have done Southern Africa, Western Africa, East Africa....now heading to Asia...And on and on...

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