Our first Experience inside a closed mall


So today as usual our super Dentist decides even though it’s a holiday in Brazil she will still.come to work just for us to check IMAHKÜS brace. Now.you understand why I call her super Dentist.

Now the icing on the cake is when we got to the mall where her office is the whole mall was closed completely. With lights our and escalators not working.  Even the mall doors all shut.

So they allowed us in. Like the movie night at the mesuem…well we call this day at the closed mall.

And as usual while we wait for our super dentist to come we sat on the floor while of course my kids decided to entertain me….

Here are a few pictures of our closed mall experience.


Inside the mall all by ourselves.. kind of creepy but fun


Modelling show at the closed mall…


She was serious about her modelling too


It’s turning time


And that’s me and Destiny enjoying the closed mall modeling show


Once our super dentist came in she make me this tasty expresso….I love this lady…seriously.


Am all about creating memories for myself and my family and anyone who wants to join the fun. It takes a smile and a free mind to have all those things. Enjoy living…

Brazil Exploration Continues


About manns7worldtour

A Black Young Family Travelling around the world for 5yrs with 4 of their young kids. Father is a Chiropractor and mother homeschools their kids while on the road. They have done Southern Africa, Western Africa, East Africa....now heading to Asia...And on and on...

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