OUR Park Experience In GreenPoint


While living in Ghana ( my home country) going to the park was not so much of a life style. Travelling to the states I learned that one of the ways to keep your kids active is to take them to the park…fun for kids and its free at least in the states and in Cape Town.

So when choosing our apartment in Cape Town we had to ask where the closest park was to our apartment and we made our apartment choice based on this information.

Our apartment was not far from one of the best parks in Cape Town which is Green Point Park. It has it all. There is  an outdoor gym and a park for all kids ages. And believe it or not they have labeled the play grounds according to kids ages.

This was really exciting for my kids and for me as a mother being able to exercise while your kids play in a safe environment was defiantly my kind of day.

So when we arrived, that same day we decided to walk down to the park. It was about 6min walk from our apartment. Our kids has so much fun, meeting and playing with other kids. The park had it all, climbing, jumping, sliding  and swinging…you name it and they have it.

So if you do visit Cape Town and wondering where to stay…? Green Point is a great location with all you need at a walking distance.

Pictures below

park1 park2 park3 park4 park5 park7 park8 park9 park10


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