My Birthday Surprise in Mombasa


My 36th birthday was one to remember for sure. We started our Manns’ Journey December 2014. So being on the road and travelling I did not expect much for my birthday, while in Nairobi Kenya. Since it’s a new country and a new environment I thought my birthday will be a dinner out with the family.

Imagine this

April 10th my birthday morning, I was fast asleep and I woke up to an amazing sight with lots of flowers and my family all around me singing and just smiles.

My husband and kids have surprised me by spending most of their weekend before that making calls and trying to arrange a gateway weekend for just me and Marcus. It was a total surprise for me. After they woke me up singing happy birthday and surprising me, My kids told me I have to pack my bags in 1hour because I have a trip to take. I was not sure if I was hearing them right, so I totally ignored them. Then they said mommy you have to pack…..So my girls got my suitcase and packed some cloths for me and now at this point my excitement was on high….

I got out of my room to find another surprise that my family had put together….believe it I did not cook breakfast on that day…they put together all my breakfast favorites. eggs, chicken and fried plantain. Now mommy was super happy…

So at 7:30am our driver showed up and Marcus and I left for the airport to catch our flight and jet off to Mombasa.

We arrived in Mombasa and I had another fun experience when we had to drive our rented car onto a Ferry to sail off to the other side. I was super-duper excited and new to me.

So finally we got to out resort. The Swahili Beach Resort….My jaws dropped…It was breath-taking and an amazing place to be. Romantic view and all the things I did not expect. The place had 8 warm swimming pool….

The arrival was super fun when they brought me Dawa, a very tasty non alcoholic drink. Let the fun begin….

So after we got checked into our room, that was also another level of excitement. The room was different from your ordinary modern rooms. The bath tub was built into the ground ( actually carved into the ground).

On that night while having dinner, I heard people singing in Swahili which I don’t understand. But I was telling Marcus how this people are making so much noise while we are having a romantic dinner. cookie thief I was, Only to find out they are singing happy birthday song for me with a cake….and they walked to my table. Now that was a shocker since I had no idea they all knew it was my birthday. I am thankful for the Staff at the Swahili beach resort.

My weekend was really magnificent and I enjoyed every bit of it.

Thanks to my husband Marcus Manns, my oldest daughter Destiny Manns, my second daughter Aasha Manns, my third daughter IMAHKUS Manns and my super nanny Janet. I am truly grateful for this opportunity to have the amazing experience on my 36th birthday.

some pictures below will complete my story.

Return soon to read about my Camel adventure in my next blogging while on my birthday weekend in Mombasa.


Arrival in Mombasa Airport


my suprise flowers


My drink when I arrived


Our beautiful bedroom


My birthday cake


Our rented car on the Ferry


86 my lucky number


My bathroom suprise…beautiful


Birthday dinner


My birthday breakfast prepared by my family


Swahili staff surprise me with a cake


A romantic weekend with hubby


We are ONE


Beautiful bar


On the ferry


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  1. OHMYGOD KENYA! I’ve always wanted to visit. Have you tried glamping there? Or is it even recommended? Hahahaha. Hope you had fun!

    PS: I hope you don’t mind if I steal a bit of your time and ask you to fill out this survey. It’s for my grad school thesis on travel accommodations, particularly on hostels. I wouldn’t really ask, I know it’s an imposition but I have to gather responses from non-Filipinos and well, I could really use your help. I promise it won’t take more than a couple of minutes. Thank you very much! 🙂


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