A camel Ride went Sour


So If you read my last blog about my fantastic birthday weekend surprise by my family….you will have most of my story over the weekend.

So while in Swahili hubby and I decided to take a drive and have lunch out of our resort. So we drove on that strip which has mostly resorts.

We went to one that I wish I remember the name but it was beautiful.

So while Marcus and I where sitting there waiting on our ordered lunch. We walked to another table to meet a gentleman who was also having lunch and he invited us over to his resort which was down the road from ours.

So the next day we went to have lunch with him and his wife.

When we arrived at our friends resort he took us around to show us his resort and asked one of his staff to take care of us. They set a table right by the oceanfront and it was beautiful with ocean breeze.

They brought us a bottle of Champaign. They also gave us the menu and really it was delicious. We had a tasty soup and our main dish was a lobster grilled and poured some garlic butter on.  yummy..!!!

So while sitting there Marcus saw a guy leading 2 camels down the beach and he said we should go on and take a ride.

Now am not too excited when it comes to  animals…at least not like my 2nd daughter is Aasha.

So we got on the camel…I was hesitant but I knew I would have to do it anyway being married to Marcus( he is a risk taker and does not take NO for an answer).

So he got on the first camel and I got on the second camel.

When we got on the camel for some reason Marcus camel got a little wild and started scaring me. So I started yelling at the camel caretaker and told him to get me off because my camel seem to be getting wild too…I even screamed at the guy and said don’t worry I will pay you just get me off…

A few seconds after I said that, my camel went ballistic and wild and super scary for me…my camel could not be stopped it was horrible and it kept jerking me and got dizzy and screaming and crying and I could have sworn that I saw my life flash away from me…finally I fell off the camel and when I opened my eyes I was surrounded by lots of people. A lady by my side kept asking if I was ok and trying to test my sight and all the things you do when someone falls off a huge camel.

Then Marcus showed up…found out his camel could not be stopped either and so he jumped off when he saw that I had fallen. He said it was scary for him watching me fall off my camel.

So the people brought  a chair over and lifted me up to sit down and kept asking me questions to make sure all is well.

I had a few bruises around my tights and also a major headache which eventually all went away.

But I still have a tailbone pain that is yet to heal up.

Now my thing is, animals will always be animals….We are humans and they are animals…I don’t know if I will be riding any animal in this life….But with travels comes adventures so will see what my future holds.

Am really grateful to have a second chance to live….that’s why am living fully and staying in the moment.

some pictures below

camel 4

Marcus got on his camel first

camel 5

my camel waiting on me to get on

camel fall

And thats after my fall

camel fall2

smiling because I am giving a second chance to live.



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