Maasai Market Experience


So if you visit Nairobi and you don’t visit the Maasai Market in CBD area ( Central Business District) then you have not visited Nairobi. So keep that in mind.

A little bit about the Maasai community

The Maasai people of East Africa live in southern Kenya and northern Tanzania along the Great Rift Valley on semi-arid and arid lands. The Maasai occupy a total land area of 160,000 square kilometers with a population of approximately one half million people. However, many Maasai see the national census as government meddling and often miscount their numbers to census takers.

The Maasai society is comprised of sixteen sections (known in Maasai as Iloshon): Ildamat, Ilpurko, Ilkeekonyokie, Iloitai, Ilkaputiei, Ilkankere, Isiria, Ilmoitanik, Iloodokilani, Iloitokitoki, Ilarusa, Ilmatatapato, Ilwuasinkishu, Kore, Parakuyu, and Ilkisonko, also known as Isikirari (Tanzania’s Maasai). There was also once Iltorobo section but was assimilated by other sections. A majority of the Maasai population lives in Kenya. Sections such as Isikirari, Parakuyu, Kore and Ilarusa lives in Tanganyika

So The Maasai Market is a mobile arts and crafts market. They move to different locations every day of the week and over the weekend they showcase their items at the City Market area.

The place is filled with so much stuff to see and try on and buy.

I went with our life long friends in Kenya ( That’s what travelling does to you, you create long life friends in each country)

So we did a little bit of shopping and try not to fill up my suitcase, have to watch the weight limit.

Here are a few pictures  of my shopping experience at the Maasai market hope you enjoy.


The excitement when we arrived


This is what we call variety


Not sure if I need more dresses…???


My life long friend on a Maasai shopping spree….Thank Kawira for taking me


All about Maasai


I am now a Maasai queen


one of my favorite pieces


My new Maasai friend…she does not talk much


My absolute favorite necklace…I love it


Showing off my pieces


In love with chess boards now….


great pieces


I was shocked with all my options


ear rings galore


wish I could take all home


very daring for my life…


will think about it


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