It’s Time to Move On


One of the hardest things in travelling is when you are about to say goodbye to the country you are exploring…knowing that it might be the last time you create that particular moment again in your life.

We have 72 hours before we leave Nairobi Kenya to Bangkok Thailand and now we are in the process of packing our bags and making sure we don’t leave anything behind.

It has definitely been an awesome journey in Nairobi. Learning how the East African’s live and their daily lives is really great.

Now if you are in Nairobi and getting ready to go to the airport…here is a tip for you .

If your flight is at 2pm you must leave wherever you are staying at 10am just to make time for your flight. From Lavington without traffic is about 30min drive to go to the airport. But that same trip can take you 4 hours which most of the time it’s does, due to major traffic and when it rains then you might as well say missing flight about to happen…LOL!!!

Our flight to Bangkok leaves at 10:50pm, and we live about 30min away from the airport. And with international flight we must be there at least 2 hours before our flight which will be 8:50pm which means we must leave our apartment at 8pm. But due to unpredictable traffic we are scheduled to leave our apartment in lavington at 4:30pm….So there you go…Dont be layed back and miss your flight while in Nairobi because it happens too often.

Here are some pictures of us packing and wrapping up our Vitamix blender…LOL!!!

Let the Adventures continue on

packing 2

More to pack…


Vitamix Blender all Wrapped up


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