Eating Ghanaian Food while in Nairobi


Travelling can be fun and exciting but there is always something about home that you will be missing and that for me and my kids  is our  food in Ghana. ( Now all our 5 kids were born in Ghana so they do love the Ghanaian food).

As we are making our travel plans I do a little research to find out where I can get some of my Ghanaian foods while travelling and funny enough I always find this places that serves authentic Ghanaian dishes.

In Nairobi the place is called Mama Ashanti and it was just the place I needed to visit 4 months into our travel.

Because while in Cape Town I did not find a Ghanaian place to indulge in my food so while in Nairobi it was time for me to indulge in it.

Mama Ashanti was just right…The food was so good, when I found out about it I was there for dinner 3 consecutive times just eating and feeling at home.

The food was really tasty and prepared and in a very clean environment. The staff were awesome and we got to meet the owner who is a Ghanaian.

Mama Ashanti is actually not far from Lavington Green Mall and really worth checking it our if you love West African Foods.

Here are some pictures we took while visiting Mama Ashanti.

Go Ghana Go West Africa.

mama asnti 2 mama 6 mama asanti 3 mama asanti 5 mama asanti mamsanti 6

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