The Manns are in Phillippines….


So wow…ok after 4 countries and 7 months into our 5yr travels we have arrived in Phillippines.

Ok now from the airport everything was smooth until the luggage porters came by to help….which I thought was very nice and that’s the job they do anyways.

Then they started counting our luggage and I thought it’s so we don’t miss any they where actually counting so we can go to their counter and pay $1 per luggage….lol!! At first I was furious and marcus was also furious. Then we relize it’s better this way for us no stress from tipping too much or too little.

Now it’s sunday so from the aiport to our apartment was about 20min driver. That was awesome for us.

Ok before I post pictures of our arrival and apartment….I need to share something that I think will help you when exiting Bangkok and you intend to claim tax refund…

When we got through immigration and walked to our gate which was closer to the tax refund desk…they told us they cannot refund until we get a stamp on the piece of paper before we checked in our bags….oh my was I disappointed….so just to let you know always get a stamp around the check in area before proceeding to the tax refund counter around your gate.

Ok now that’s done…where was I about phillippines…

So we are staying on the 26th floor of this beautiful apartment  in the center of town. Lovely area and has so many malls I don’t even want to start counting.

Pictures below


That’s the guest lounge in our apartment


That’s the name of our apartment


And that’s the entrance of our apartment


Our first grocerie….got to stock up the fridge…prices here are a bit high for food…Bangkok was cheaper.

But am assuming tomorrow I can find out where the locals shop for fruits and veggies.

So Phillippines is on and we are ready to rock this neighbourhood by the time we exit they will know The Manns clan….

Phillippines exploration continues….

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