Our first Day in Phillippines


So here we go…
Phillippines speaks good English…. 2 thumbs up…

Now our first day we decided to just walk around and kind of get lost and hope we find our way back….and we did we walked and walked.

We also had a pre-birthday celebration for our son Mj who will turn 6yrs tomorrow. Today Marcus gave instruction that since tomorrow is our son’s birthday everyone must serve him…so we must address him as “prince Marcus how may I serve you” LOL!!!!

Well here are a few pictures of our adventures today of going into a country we knew no one in….


Our apartment  Greenbelt  Excelsior


Hubby was upstairs so he was not in this picture


At a pizza place in Ayala triangle park…at Amici


Pre birthday cake cutting for our boy


And he was making a wish so loud if you are sleep you will be awake…he wants a remote control toy….


Destiny and I sneaked out to shop for mj birthday toy


And we found the right place for a boys toy


Yeap he got a fararre remote control car…he will be so excited about that one for a long time.


All wrapped up and in the bag it goes…


More toys to choose from….


American stores around here…


Wow….it’s like being in america but we are so far….

Phillippines seem to be very much ready for the Manns clan

Phillippines  Explorations Continues

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