Don’t panic when you loose a kid


When you have world travelled kids….one of the things we teach our kids, when we arrive in a new country is to memorize our cell phone numbers.

Also when there is a situation panicking can actually create the opposite of the results you want.

Today kids and I went to the mall…and if you are aware of makati area there are about 12 huge malls in this area all connecting with skywalk.

Now at about 7pm we decided to return home….and walking through the mall with all the crowd…I could not find Destiny (my 13yr old girl). Now as a mother my first action was panic. Then I remembered why am I panicking?  We are travelling the world…she has black belt in martial arts…she has done self defence classes..she is doing mauy thai and she knows my cell phone number. All my fears (False Evidence Apearing Real ) vanished.

So 30 min later the other kids and I started walking home and my phone ring….it’s Destiny she is at home. Since she could not find us she decided to go on and walk home and call once she is home because she knew I will not panic and will trust that she will use the lessons we have thought her.

I was so proud of her and told her how I am such a proud mother.

So don’t panic stay clam and your energy that you send to the universe will determine the outcome.

Here is a picture of her


Phillippines exploration continues. …

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