Making Life long friends


Today as kids and I are walking the malls and looking at some sports wear…

Destiny  our 13yr old was approached by a lovely lady who wanted Destiny’s opinion on a kids sports top she is buying for her 12yr old daughter who she said has the body structure like Destiny.

So Destiny tried on the top so that the lady can buy the correct size.

But what was so funny was that we spent 45min just standing in the middle of the store having a nice chat and sharing both lives.

She has 1 daughter and lots of nieces and nephews that she spends time with. And she wants us to have days out so that our kids will meet her family and they can be friends.

Now this is a life long friend. It was such a pleasure meeting you Jenneth and looking forward to seeing you on Sunday for family fun day.

A picture below of our new friend.



Phillippines exploration continues. ……

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