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Family Visit to the Chiropractors Office


“Nature Needs No Help, Just No Interference”

While Travelling Marcus ( who is a very passionate Chiropractor himself ) knows the benefits of getting our spines checked and subluxation free.

So while we where in Cape Town we made it a point to go and visit our favorite Chiropractor. Dr. Greg Venning at Peak Chiropractic in Claremont.

We will take the train 3 times a week to go and get checked. It was one of our favorite things to do, train ride and then getting our adjustment in.

We are so grateful for Dr. Greg and his team for all our adjustments while in Cape Town.

In the pictures below you will see us filling out our forms to get started. Also you will see Dr. Greg giving us a few minutes of his time to take a photo with us.

The process of filling out the forms for our family was an adventure on its own since we are a family of 6. But we got all the kids to fill out their forms by themselves and they did very well.

If you do visit Cape Town and you need a super-duper Chiropractor then just call Peak Chiropractic and Dr. Greg will be happy to get you aligned.


My son had to find a way to make our visit to the Chiropractors office more memorable….

Mj getting some help from his father while Dr. Greg checks his Posture

chiro 1 chiro 2 chiro 3

Fitness On the GO


With Our 5 yrs global travels, we have to make sure to stay fit and one of the ways we get that done is by visiting all the free outside gyms in Cape Town.

One of our favorite outside gym was the one on the promenade at Seapoint. With the ocean breeze and beautiful sight to see, going there to exercise was super fun all the time.

Also we loved going to the one at Green point Park which had a huge park that the kids can run wild while Marcus and I get our workout done.

And remember all this outside gym and parks are free for everyone who want  to come and stay fit while having fun.

Here are some pictures of me getting my workout in during a sunny 1 fitness 2 fitness 3 fitness 4

Visit to Charly’s Bakery


If you have met me before then you will definately know that I am a foodnet work addict….I love cooking and all about food experiement.

When I I was in Ghana my home town. In our house we did not watch Tv purposely for a great reason. With all our kids we did not want anyone influencing them through the means of TV. Until I found out from my friend Kari who told me that there is Foodnet work on DSTV…..I was so excited so the next week I spent my time convincing my husband why we should get a DSTV. I even came up with the idea that if I have the DSTV and able to watch FoodNet Work then I can cook him a lot more tasty meals. So he finally agreed and We go DSTV.

With My DSTV on and Foodnet work channel up I was in haven most of my days… was exactly what I wanted and was just so grateful for it.

So I got into some programs that I loved watching and one of them was Charly’s Bakery….with 3 ladies in action baking and creating cakes that is out of this world. I related with that show because I had my 3 old girls at that time and thought since they love to cook maybe they can start a charly’s angels restaurant. So we all love this show and watched it all the time.

I had no idea it was in Cape Town until I was researching online things to do in Cape Town and there it was Charly’s bakery in Cape Town…..oh, I knew I will have to visit and We did.

It was not what I expected with the decor of the place But it was packed with people trying to get a taste of their bakery.

So if you do visit Cape Town, do make it a point to visit Charly’s Bakery. Its very easy to find and make sure to taste their double chocolate brownie….

Pictures Below

chalerys 2 chalerys 6 charleys 3 charleys 5 charleys

Visit to the Planeterium


Our visit to the Planeterium was an amazing experience.

We could not believe how they where able to make the animals look so real.

At one point I was scared because it looked way too real to be dummies.

But the kids absolutly loved the experience.

We took their life long friend Leah and it was a great day.

pictures are below….hope it does not scare you…LOL!!!

20150110_130141 20150110_131158 20150110_131346 20150110_131441 20150110_131737 20150110_132925

Trip to Biscuit Mill was a hit for our family


I absolutely love to cook and try new dishes. So with our Travels I spend some of my time trying to find the street foods and the local markets as well as food festivals.

I had no idea Capetonians also love to taste different foods.

In Cape Town they have at least 3 different food fest every Saturday. That was my kind of weekend.

The one that I really enjoyed was the Biscuit Mill food market. It was fantastic and I was in my own world with this one.

Even if you don’t enjoy eating this one will definitely make your weekend. The kids and I arrived there around 9 am. We are told you must arrive early before it gets so packed you can’t even see your toes. And it was so true at 9 am when we got there it was already packed.

We went straight for the breakfast when we arrived. very tasty waffles made right in front of you with all your choices of fruits and whip cream.

After I gave the kids some money to go and food shop….its a safe environment for preteens to move around so I knew they where safe and I wanted them to explore at their own pace.

Later I walked around the place tasting and eating and just exploring.

They also had live music and you can sit on the floor and listen to it or just walk around to the beats of great music. The place is located in Woodstock and its a must visit place if you are in Cape Town.

We stayed there for about 4 hours. We had breakfast then walked around and shop and taste different dishes then had lunch and after that sat down to listen to some music.

It was definitely my kind of crowd and I enjoyed it so much. And it happens every single Saturday.

Enjoy some pictures below


Whats in here mommy?”


It’s Waffle time buddy


” are we suppose to eat all up?” LOL!!!


My kind of environment


Hurry up buddy am waiting to dig in…


seafood Paella was a hit….


Now the wait is over….let me start the next step..eating


Got to get a selfie for sure

Saving Stanley The Seal…


As travelers we turn to do stuff that most people are unfamiliar with…like our kids saving a seal…

While visiting Die Stranlooper in Langerbaan (that’s the place you visit for a 10 course meal), our kids run around the shore playing and picking up stuff that has washed up the beach.

Then we realize a lot of people are gathering at a place, so we decided to go and check it out too.

When we got there, to our surprise it was our 4 kids kneeling down by the rocks  petting  and caring for this baby seal…as a mother I was scared and in shock. “what in the world are my kids doing with this seal”? Well my question was answered with lots of emotions from my 2nd daughter Aasha as she had a very teary eyes saying ” mommy the seal hurt himself when swimming and hit a rock and they think the seal is dying so she my 12yrs old decided to carry the seal to safety by the side and trying to revive the seal”….. the other kids are all talking about how we must save this seal. We had no idea what they are talking about. That was the closest I have gotten to a seal, so saving a seal was definitely not one of our visions. I am from Ghana. We don’t see seals around our beaches…LOL!!!

So our kids kept robbing on the seals head and trying to open his mouth and all sorts. So our friends that where there with as are all chiropractors. And being married to one, chiropractors are passionate about letting innate do what it knows best. So they told the kids to allow the seal to have some air and he should be fine.

So one of our friends called the animal rescue team to come and save the seal.  Yea….that was another shock to me…an animal rescue what?”  Well about 10 min later the animal rescue team showed up in their van and walked up to the seal and they put the seal in a net and tried to rescue the seal. ( some pictures below showing the saving of the seal )

With all of around the van, trying to see what was going on it got a bit overwhelming so the lady said she needs to take the seal to the clinic and try to save him there. With emotions all over the place by my kids we agreed and said goodbye to the baby seal.

My kids decides to name the baby seal Stanley. So Stanley was taking to the clinic.

Our girls called the clinic that evening and Stanley was doing fine. But Stanley died 2 days later. The rescue team said Stanley must have hit his head on the rock and he had lots of fluid

that had gone into his brain that is why he died.

So our kids gave Stanley a chance to live a few more days. Brave Kids for sure….

pictures of our Famous baby Seal Stanley

20141207_154710 20141207_154856 20141207_154936 20141207_162736

Visit To The Aquarium


With our travels and homeschooling our kids….having field day trips to the Aquarium is always a must.

While In Cape Town we really did a lot of field trips and the Cape Town inside Aquarium was one of our most memorable and cherished moment since our 2nd daughter Aasha is an animal lover and since she started learning how to talk she always said she will have an animal home one day when she grows up. So while in this countries we will always and almost visit an animal home.

The Aquarium day was super fun. We did the package. So at the gate where you pay to get in, they will ask if you want to do the boat ride and also get your tour for the aquarium. My advice is do that package. You will do the boat ride first which will take you far and you will get to see some dolphins if its your lucky day. super exciting for the kids. After the boat ride we return to the aquarium and began our tour. The pictures below will tell you how much fun we had on that adventure.

So if you do visit Cape Town make it a point to visit the Aquarium at the Water front.

20141210_144050 20141210_141347 20141210_141652 20141210_143013 20141210_143744

Die StrandLoper ( 10 course Meal)


When we arrived in Cape Town, this was definitely not our expectation….10 course meal???

Yes It was a 10 course meal from the time you arrive at Die Strandloper  Langerbaan which is about 2 hours away from the city of Cape Town. But it was  a really beautiful ride there, smooth roads and no traffic.

Our friends who is also our awesome Chiropractor decided to take us to this place so we can experience this amazing place.

So Dr. Greg and his wife had 2 cars and drove us there. on our way one of the car we driving in developed a fault so we had to stop on the roadside while Dr. Greg called road side assistant to come and toll the car away.

So we had another family friend who was also driving behind, so Marcus and Greg got a ride to the place.

We arrived at the location and it was a beach front restaurant, very unique.

And we got to eat 10 different course meals it was incredible. Mostly seafood and they cook it right there in front of us. ( pictures attached) .

If you ever visit Cape Town please make it a point to visit this place and you will have memories that will stay with you for years. Also the price was so cheap its a shock to our system. we paid a total of about $60 for all 6 of us ( me and Marcus and the 4 kids).

Read about the Saving of a seal on that day in the next story

The place to visit while in Cape Town

The place to visit while in Cape Town


that is the grilled bread rolls and some slices of lemons for our fish

20141207_145144 20141207_150656 20141207_143242 20141207_150414 20141207_143210