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Greens All the Way


I believe that while on the road is actually the best time to get healthy and stay fit.

While in Nairobi me and my LLF’s decided to start a journey that will keep us all healthy and fit.

So we did our own 21 days green juicing. It was bitter….LOL!!!

But the benefits was really worth the scary faces we had.

Here are some pictures of our creations for the 21 days….

LLF’s Rock ( LLf’s means LIFE LONG FRIENDS)

healthy 3

Easy to make healthy Fruit and veggie and Chicken salad


All set for blending spinach, lemon,apples,cucumber,beetsroot,celery,ginger and H2o

healthy 1

Ready for bottling

Meat Market In Nairobi


So some of the things we do while visiting each country is  to find the local markets and also to dive into that particular culture while in each country, we do this by finding our where the locals shop.

When we arrived in Nairobi we had to find the place as soon as possible since grocery stores in Nairobi are very pricy.

So my first local market was Kawangari and I took a border border there to shop for my groceries( fruits and veggies).

After I finished shopping at Kawangari, I loaded all my food stuff on to the bike again and return home. It was an experience I will never forget in my life.

Now  in my family we eat so much chicken…we even eat Chicken and eggs for breakfast…you will think we should just invent a portable  chicken coop so we can start raising our own chicken and the eggs while on the go…..LOL!!!

So our friend  Kawira who is from Kenya told me that she will take me to a place I will really love to shop. And that was the City market and it’s basically a place that sells all the meats you can think of.

So one saturday morning she picked me up early and we went. It was a sight I have not seen before, all the chicken fillet and fish fillet  right there in front of me. And the price is right.

On that trip I bought lots of whole chicken, chicken breast and fish fillet at a very great price.

So if you are staying in Nairobi or visiting and you want to stock up your freezer with some fresh meat then the place to visit will be the City Market.

Oh and it’s a 24hour market…..So you can go anytime for shop for your meats…what a way to shop.

Some pictures below will complete the story


The sellers are ready for the buyers


You pick the one you like and they weigh it for you


And the fillet fish is ready for buyers

Eating Ghanaian Food while in Nairobi


Travelling can be fun and exciting but there is always something about home that you will be missing and that for me and my kids  is our  food in Ghana. ( Now all our 5 kids were born in Ghana so they do love the Ghanaian food).

As we are making our travel plans I do a little research to find out where I can get some of my Ghanaian foods while travelling and funny enough I always find this places that serves authentic Ghanaian dishes.

In Nairobi the place is called Mama Ashanti and it was just the place I needed to visit 4 months into our travel.

Because while in Cape Town I did not find a Ghanaian place to indulge in my food so while in Nairobi it was time for me to indulge in it.

Mama Ashanti was just right…The food was so good, when I found out about it I was there for dinner 3 consecutive times just eating and feeling at home.

The food was really tasty and prepared and in a very clean environment. The staff were awesome and we got to meet the owner who is a Ghanaian.

Mama Ashanti is actually not far from Lavington Green Mall and really worth checking it our if you love West African Foods.

Here are some pictures we took while visiting Mama Ashanti.

Go Ghana Go West Africa.

mama asnti 2 mama 6 mama asanti 3 mama asanti 5 mama asanti mamsanti 6

Trip to Biscuit Mill was a hit for our family


I absolutely love to cook and try new dishes. So with our Travels I spend some of my time trying to find the street foods and the local markets as well as food festivals.

I had no idea Capetonians also love to taste different foods.

In Cape Town they have at least 3 different food fest every Saturday. That was my kind of weekend.

The one that I really enjoyed was the Biscuit Mill food market. It was fantastic and I was in my own world with this one.

Even if you don’t enjoy eating this one will definitely make your weekend. The kids and I arrived there around 9 am. We are told you must arrive early before it gets so packed you can’t even see your toes. And it was so true at 9 am when we got there it was already packed.

We went straight for the breakfast when we arrived. very tasty waffles made right in front of you with all your choices of fruits and whip cream.

After I gave the kids some money to go and food shop….its a safe environment for preteens to move around so I knew they where safe and I wanted them to explore at their own pace.

Later I walked around the place tasting and eating and just exploring.

They also had live music and you can sit on the floor and listen to it or just walk around to the beats of great music. The place is located in Woodstock and its a must visit place if you are in Cape Town.

We stayed there for about 4 hours. We had breakfast then walked around and shop and taste different dishes then had lunch and after that sat down to listen to some music.

It was definitely my kind of crowd and I enjoyed it so much. And it happens every single Saturday.

Enjoy some pictures below


Whats in here mommy?”


It’s Waffle time buddy


” are we suppose to eat all up?” LOL!!!


My kind of environment


Hurry up buddy am waiting to dig in…


seafood Paella was a hit….


Now the wait is over….let me start the next step..eating


Got to get a selfie for sure

Food Hunt in Nairobi Kenya


Well !!!

With Nairobi we are yet to find the meals that will excite us. most of the dishes are starchy base just like we have in my home country Ghana.

One day I decided to go and visit the local market and it was interesting how it reminded me of Ghana. But what I saw that I have never seen in Ghana is that the Kenyans make Chapati right in the open market. So me being a bread lover it sure made my day at the local market.

Also I visited toi market which is also a local market that sell fresh fruits and veggies. Now I feel that place needs an upgrade. when it rain don’t even venture….its muddy and not so much of an adventure you would want. But when its dry and not muddy moments, you are then on the right track to finding great deals on your fresh produce.

What I saw that I was fascinated about, is this woman who is frying large Tillapia right on the street and it sure looked appetizing since you get to pick the size of this huge fish and she takes the scales off and she puts some salt around the cavities of the fish then she drops it in this scotching hot oil and deep fry’s it for you to take home and enjoy. I had to try one and it was worth the smoke that I inhaled from just standing by the fire waiting on my fish. you must try this while in Nairobi.

Also I noticed that in Nairobi they had lots of varieties of greens but was not sure how they use it since I really did not see it on the menu at restaurants.

Now another food Hunt moment was when I saw men grilling corn by the road side. and what really was new to me is that they will grill your corn and you can dip it in a chili pepper that is just sitting in front of them. That was a big surprising to me. In Ghana our corn is dipped in salt water but in Nairobi its chili all the way. Not my favorite with the chili but I tried it once.

Food Hunt is being fun…see you back soon

street foodstreet food 2

Food Hunt in Cape Town


If you know me then you know how much I love my food ( as in cooking and tasting it)

While in Cape Town food was one of the things we indulged our selves in. We has so many options to choose from and the price was just right.

We shopped at Woolworth, checkers and Spur but any opportunity we go we will buy all our fruits from the Train station. “I know you wondering train station?” yes that absolutely right. At the train station in Claremont while we are going to see our chiropractor we will stop and buy varieties of fruits a price that will shock your system. we will have bags and bags of tasty plums, peaches, nectarines, grapes, bananas, mangoes, Kiwi and our whole price tag will be about $6 which is about 70 Rand South African money. We will consume this fruits for a week and have had enough fruits for our body to stay healthy.

We will go out to have lunch and with all of us smiling and satisfied we will only spend $20        (about 236 South African Rand). for a family of 6 being able to spend that amount was just right for us.

Cape Town is the place for a great Food Hunt….